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The Femslash Addict

Femslash is Everywhere.

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Femslash is everywhere. You can see it if you know how to look. Sometimes, you don't even really have to look very hard. And then there are times when you don't need to look at all because Helen Keller could figure it out.

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good hetero 'ship too. I'm as much of a Mulder/Scully freak as the next X-Phile. There are lots of good hetero relationships on television, and I enjoy those very much. Even so, femslash is everywhere:

1. There are shows where they are intentional and up front about it, such as South of Nowhere, The L Word, and DeGrassi.

2. There are shows that are pretty obvious about it, but it's a one time thing, or they do it to be edgy and pioneering, or they're just doing it for a ratings boost, like The O.C., ER, or Buffy.

3. Then there are shows that imply and intimate and jam in the subtext, but they don't ever do anything demonstrative with the implied femslash relationship, like Xena and Babylon 5.

4. And then there are shows that have two (or more) female characters with a connection, a chemistry, and a certain ambiguity to the relationship that speaks volumes over the course of the show, but these shows have no idea what they've got or choose to ignore it because it's network TV and they don't want to lose any of their more conservative viewers, just like One Tree Hill, Mutant X, Women's Murder Club, Law & Order: SVU, Gossip Girl, The Facts of Life, and so on.

5. AND THEN there are those shows that just have an over-abundance of really gorgeous women, and it's really easy to start pairing them off in various fan fiction sorts of situations, like Grey's Anatomy, Las Vegas, Birds of Prey, Smallville, CSI, Farscape, Ugly Betty, and every Star Trek ever besides the original series.

All of these forms of femslash are of the good. I can get into every permutation of femslash, though I confess being a sucker for Femslash Type #4. I just can't get enough of the subtext, ambiguous or not.

I plan to use this LJ to express all my femslash-related thoughts. I may recommend good fic I find, sites I discover, or great music vids. Mostly I will probably just be gushing over what slashy lines Angie Harmon delivers on this week's Women's Murder Club, or how annoying it is that they don't just out Olivia Benson as the lesbian she is and clearly always has been, or how I don't know what to do with Rebecca Romijn on Ugly Betty, or how freaking obvious it is that Rachel is in love with Brooke on One Tree Hill--and you get the picture.

Don't be afraid to tell me what you think. Unless, of course, you are not open to romantic relationships between two women on popular television shows. Then I would prefer that you keep your thoughts civil and brief, if you must share them at all.

Enjoy it. And remember, Femslash is Everywhere.